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Andrew Saragossi Debut Solo EP 


"Overlay" is the debut solo work from Andrew Saragossi.  Conceptualised as an audiovisual EP, "Overlay" came into being through Saragossi's collaboration with four unique and diverse film-makers; Angus Kirby, Rachel Choi, Eden Meure & Brodie McAllister. All were briefed to react and respond visually to a specific track, utilising found or self-filmed footage, overlaid on top of live footage from the recording session, to tell their interpretation of the music's narrative and meaning.

The music on this EP is a culmination of Saragossi's time spent studying in the Netherlands and Germany where his research and practice centred around functional applications of extended techniques in small group and solo settings, a journey through which he has further developed his personal approach to the instrument that is now permeating into his other projects.  The project features three original pieces and one re-imagining of a traditional jazz standard, all for solo tenor saxophone 

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