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Loose Leaf

Loose Leaf is an experimental jazz and free improvisation trio that creates music with a unique and uninhibited sense of freedom and trust. Led by saxophonist Andrew Saragossi and featuring two of Australia's most idiosyncratic and exciting improvisers Helen Svoboda (d.bass) & Canadian drummer Dylan van der Schyff, their music is a fusion of structured composition and free improvisation, exploring texture, melody, expression and spontaneity.

Each member brings a deeply personal and adventurous approach to their instrument, employing extended techniques and textural improvisation to create a truly unique listening experience.  Loose Leaf's sound is a captivating blend of individual expression and collective exploration, cultivating moments of profound beauty, fierce intensity and pure ecstasy.

Their upcoming debut album, "How We Cope" will be released on Brisbane label MADE NOW MUSIC in April 2023, with a tour of Australia's East coast to follow from April to June.

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Debut album "How We Cope" Available April 16 2023

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